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Established in 1949

Marist War Memorial Club

After the 2nd world war the Marist Brothers purchased a small dairy farm along the Liesbeek River in the suburb of Rondebosch.

The ground was turned into a sports club for war veterans and was known as the Marist War Memorial Club, where members played bowls and football.

The main interest was bowls and the first bowls match took place in 1949.

Marist Brothers built a large clubhouse on the land which housed a bar, entertainment hall and an office for the bowls section. Cricket came later and the old farmhouse on the property was converted into a clubhouse for cricket and football.

The Main club was a source of entertainment and a venue used for weddings, birthday parties and sports functions.

The club had been operating since its inception but membership was not growing. In 2008 the club was approached by a property developer to convert some of the land into a residential complex. However, the Marist Club would retain a portion of the ground for a new clubhouse, cricket oval and a bowling green.

This process took almost ten years of discussions with the city council, the local residents and the existing club and in January 2017 work on the site started. All of the buildings were demolished to make way for a new clubhouse, bowls pavilion, and new playing fields.

Marist War Memorial Sports Club has been in existence for many years and has lived in harmony with the surrounding residents and provides facilities within the estate to support and encourage green living.          

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