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Bowling Green Report

22-01-2020 Courtesy of Ross Hopton.

Our greens are coming on in leaps and bounds,

We are hoping to get a few practices on the green within the next month.

The green has been fertilized at the beginning of January and with the surprise rain we had over the last weekend the green is covering very well.

Our new mower is due to arrive at the end of the month however we have hire a greens mower from the union which has been a great help in preparing the green .

We still have a few challenges on our northern side but the over seeding is starting to bare fruit and hopefully very soon the area will be covered with a mixture of Bent and Bayview grass which will assist each other during the winter season as this area doesn’t get a lot of sun.

We are currently making up a set of unique green marker as we have no grass banks and a marking will need to be attached to the surrounding railings.

Our flag pole design has now been completed and hopefully in the next week we will be able to install the base and two weeks after that raise our new flag pole ,with the new Rondebosch flags.

Our furniture for the pavilion has arrived and hopefully we can get the bowls member to assist in setting it all up.

Along journey with the bowls club is finally coming together and hopefully in the next month we should have an operational bowl club.

Our green will be a little heavy as will be expected for a new bowling green but this will hopefully improve with time.

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