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Membership Fee's for 2020

Due to the pandemic and non activity due to lock down we have discounted our rates for 2020.

MEMBERSHIP RATES – 1 September 2020 to 30 June 2020

Membership Card/Admin Fee (per member) R100


Member 24+ R750

Member Spouse R600

Member 19 to 23 R375

Junior Member 13 to 18 R175

SPORTS SECTIONS – select multiple categories (Optional)

Bowls R600

Bowls (dual membership) R250

Note: Union membership No to be supplied

Senior Cricket R250


Comprising of:​

  • A Principle Member

  • A Spouse

  • Children between the age of 13-23

​Anyone over the Age of 23 is an adult and is eligible for full membersghip in their own right.

HOME OWNER - 50% - Non voting member

Spouse and childern at normal social member rates

Tenants join at normal Social member rates.

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